POLIFILM PROTECTION laser films slot easily into your laser cutting processes. They help you to deliver outstanding quality products to your customer. Your high-quality finishes are fully protected during the entire laser cutting process and beyond.

Our protection films ensure the complete integrity of your product throughout any finishing process. Whether CO2 or fibre laser, stainless steel or aluminium, structured or smooth surfaces – POLIFILM universal protection films cover them all. The perfect solution for every situation.

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Protection films suitable for fibre, CO2 laser cutting and deep drawing. Can handle fast machine speeds for multi-stage processing. Black White and Grey Black rubber based films with high tack. Additionally, quality clear films for surface protection during installation, transportation and storage.


Protection films for different surface levels, rough, matt and gloss. Easy peel solutions with high tear resistance – UV protection if required, high and low strength tacks to meet the wear and tear associated with the processing of precoated metals.


Protection films for soft high-quality enhanced aluminium surfaces. To suit both pressed and rolled steel, anodized or different gloss levels. Easy peel traditional rubber or acrylic adhesive grades.

Other Surfaces

Effective protection that ensures your surfaces are well protected throughout the production, storage and transportation processes. We are in a unique position to develop film solutions matched to your exacting requirements, offering all round protection, tailored to your production demands for the high-quality products you produce.


Highly transparent protection for flat panel, toughened and finished window units. UV ready or not, films that leave no residue with clean and unmarked surfaces.

windows glass pmp masking


Plastic or aluminium, transparent to black and white films, low tack or high tack, painted or non-painted, multiple options to cover while installing or just protecting while transporting to site.

PMP masking products on profiles


Depending on the laminate surface, gloss level or adhesive required, we have options to protect your finished product. Low adhesion for high gloss surfaces and high adhesion for low gloss or matted surfaces, easy peel solutions with clear transparency giving you peace of mind.

PMP masking products laminates


Protection film for all areas of use, sheet, profiles, objects and more. Acrylic, Polycarbonate and PVC to name a few, low tack and high tact options available.

PMP masking products plastics

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