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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

POLI-FILM PROTECTION is one of the leading international manufacturers of temporary protective films and CO2 Laser and Fibre Laser films. Poli Film are specialists in extrusion, co-extrusion, adhesive development and masking film coating. They produce and market film solutions for a variety of industries and applications from multiple manufacturing facilities around the world.

The term micron and the symbol µ is a small unit of measurement that measures gauge, or the thickness of the masking film.

Based on the width of the surface you are protecting, rolls can vary but mainly come in 1220mm 1524mm wide, we can cut rolls to size for a small fee. The length of rolls available are either 200m/500m/1500m long.

Among the markets that PMP Masking services include stainless steel, aluminium, coated/painted metals, plastics, glass, laminates, furniture, building and construction, profiles, textiles, masonry and more. We also have rubber-based laser films that slot easily into your laser cutting processes. High-quality finishes are fully protected during the entire laser cutting process.

A rubber-based adhesive is a general-purpose synthetic pressure sensitive adhesive used in the laser cutting process… Acrylic adhesive, while having a fair initial adhesion, has substantial gradual adhesion build-up. It features a high shear strength and temperature resistance with excellent solvent and UV resistance. Used for surfaces you wish to protect during production, storage and transportation

It is hard to avoid UV light exposure because it’s part of the sun’s rays. Outdoor projects and even projects done in a room with windows will likely expose masking films to UV rays, which react with some adhesives. To ensure clean removal from the surface, it is often the best course to choose a film with appropriate UV resistance for your project.

No problem, just fill out the “Contact Us” portion on the PMP Masking website and we’ll have one of our experienced sales reps contact you directly, alternatively call 09 414 1600 and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Yes, Poli Film have several laboratories globally that can deliver detailed analysis on surfaces so the best masking film solution can be provided.

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