PMP Masking is a division of the PMP Group an international plastics distribution company. We are based on Auckland’s Northshore and have an Albany based distribution centre.

Our specialty supplier of surface protection films is PoliFilm, a German film manufacturer with production facilities in France, Italy, Germany, USA, Israel and China.

PoliFilm is an internationally recognised film company with laboratories in Germany and China that can match a surface sample with a film that meets requirements or recommend an existing film type designed for that application.

Among the markets that Polifilm services include stainless steel, aluminium, coated/painted metals, plastics, glass, laminates, furniture, building and construction, profiles, textiles, masonry and more.

We can cater for large customers requiring regular supply, or smaller users that purchase by the individual roll.

We have the facility of cutting your roll to the width you require to best manage your application or just purchase by the full roll.

PMP masking factory and warehouse Albany Auckland

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